Ruth Chapter 2- A Loyal Friend

I’ve moved on to Ruth 2:1-23 and was very encouraged.

Boaz was impressed by this woman, Ruth, and he heard of her reputation of being devoted to God and his relative Naomi. He instructed his people to allow Ruth to glean from his fields without trouble. “Boaz gave orders to his men, “Let her gather among the sheaves and don’t reprimand her. Even pull out some stalks for her from the bundles and leave them for her to pick up, and don’t rebuke her.”

Ruth was a hard worker. She was willing to glean the fields just to supply for her and Naomi. I believe that God most certainly had a divine plan for the lives of Ruth and Naomi. Even when  it seemed like they were on their own without a man (which is huge in a patriarchal society.)God blessed Naomi with a loyal friend in Ruth and though she lost her sons she gained Jesus of the Nazareth as a “son” or descendant.

Recall in chapter 1 Naomi, maybe in her grief and depression, convinced Orprah to leave. Naomi was concerned with the “fact” that Ruth was faced with grim marital prospects if she came back with her. Although it was technically a fact, it was not the Truth. The Truth is that God saves those who are broken hearted and those crushed in spirit ( Psalms 34:8) Sometimes we can get caught up in with the “facts” in our situation instead of focusing on the Truth. It may be a fact that you have an illness but it’s not the Truth. The Truth is by his stripes we are healed.( Isaiah 53:5) The Enemy wants us to panic and to focus the worst possible outcomes of our circumstances. When we focus on our circumstances, rather than the Truth that God is a deliverer and a provider, we become weighed down and worry.

Ruth is a fine example of faithfulness.  The seeds of faithfulness that she “planted” reaped rich blessings for her and her family. But Ruth received so much more. God was calling her to be His own and she acted as a deliverer for Naomi by her faithfulness. Soon the promised Messiah, Jesus Christ, would come through her lineage and deliver her.

May we follow Ruth’s example and watch the floodgates open until there is no more want!

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