via Daily Prompt: Gate

~~A God who has the power to keep me from falling

who never leaves me all alone

I am heeding your calling; You have marked me as your own

A God who invites me into the presence of His throne


A God who brings down heaven to reside in my deepest pits

A God who never fails to lift thine eyes to the curtain that was split

When I have doubted you and when I lost my faith

you turned my eyes to the hills and made me feel safe

you came to help and to rescue me from the pain

your Spirit set me ablaze and broke the chains

You delivered me from the stifling dark and lonely days

I set my eyes on you for you are my Healer I shall not be dismayed


Depression wraps me in the familiar darkness and shame

You come to rescue me my Savior by the power of your name

I bumble at your feet my Lord and King

to be humbled by the mercy seat that you sit in

thank you for the washing over of your grace

to spur me on till I reach heaven’s Gate


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