To My Brothers and Sisters in Christ…..

I pray that the Lord is both protecting and blessing you all exceedingly.

Last night I attended a Bible study on John chap 15, where Jesus repeatedly told us to remain in him, so that by him working thru us, we may produce much fruit.
This account reminded me of the account of  Jesus and the Fig tree. (Luke 13:6-9)

Growing up, I always wondered why Jesus cursed that tree for bearing no fruit, especially during a non-growing season. Fig trees normally produced figs once or twice per year, depending on location and climate. Jesus well knew the season for figs to bloom, yet he came to the fig tree in full expectation of it bearing fruit, to satisfy his hunger.

Many times throughout my life I’ve felt like the aforementioned fig tree, I’m sure we all have. Just like the fig tree, we may go through dry and painful seasons in which we feel barren and incapable of producing fruit.  The Master helps us to see that regardless of which particular season we may be going through, with his power ALL things are possible. (Matthew 19:26) He is in constant expectation of his fruitage blooming within us. So don’t allow the enemy to dictate your willingness to bear fruit, just because it doesn’t seem like the best time or the right season for you.

And remember, even though no other fig trees were producing fruit, there was only one that received the curse for not bringing the Master glory.  (1 Corinthians 10:31) 

Why? Because we are all unique and divinely crafted into an intimate relationship with God. This intimacy allows us to know His expectations for our life; To be Fruitful…. regardless the season.

Thanks for taking the time out to read all this. God put this on my heart today, and I had no choice but to pass it along.

God bless you all,

Minister STZ

One thought on “To My Brothers and Sisters in Christ…..

  1. Great devotional STZ!

    The holy spirit that is indwelling in us is the proxy in which God uses to produce the fruits of the spirit through us and for Him so that we may be used as honorable vessels in his service.

    Good lessons for all us to apply . Keep up the good work!



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